Broccoli and Orange Salad

By Disha Selarka on December 20, 2018

I came up with this when I was following a diet to gain weight. And to eat the same thing everyday and was getting a little boring. So I decided to mix things up a little and it turned out pretty well to say the least! So this is how it goes, however, just a disclaimer I usually don't put in a proper measurement of things. I like to add them as per the flavors and what am I craving at that point.

Dietitian's word - "In this recipe, two of the primary ingredients, broccoli and orange are an excellent source of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant. Vitamin C works like charm for your skin giving it a natural glow. Broccoli and orange both contain generous amount of fiber in them. As a good source of antioxidants and fiber, this recipe may cut down the risk of heart disease.

Broccoli contains various carotenoids, it helps to improve eye health in people with weaker eyesight. It also contains high amounts of vitamin K which helps in blood clotting and also promotes bone health.

Since broccoli is paired with Orange in this recipe, the iron content of broccoli is rapidly absorbed in the body due to the iron absorption property of vitamin C and citric acid present in orange.

Overall, when topped with olive oil, it gives an additional important vitamin E to the recipe making it even richer in antioxidants.

This recipe can be consumed for a better heart health, to prevent cancer, for improved eye sight, and a healthy looking skin." - Nicy Karani


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